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The Best Online Classic Children's Books

Continental Europe

29 Books in All Genres


Collective Biography

Eva March Tappan,  European Hero Stories

Individual Biography

John S. C. Abbott,  Joseph Bonaparte
Andrew Lang,  The Story of Joan of Arc

Fairy Tales

William E. Griffis,  Dutch Fairy Tales
Frances Jenkins Olcott,  Grimm's Fairy Tales

Saints Faith Stories

William Canton,  A Child's Book of Saints
William Canton,  A Child's Book of Warriors
F. J. Harvey Darton,  The Seven Champions of Christendom
Mrs. Lang,  The Book of Saints and Heroes
Mary Macgregor,  The Story of Saint Christopher
Amy Steedman,  Legends and Stories of Italy


Margaret Warner Morley,  Donkey John of the Toy Valley

Comprehensive History

John Finnemore,  France: Peeps at History
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales:6— French
H. E. Marshall,  A History of Germany
Charles Morris,  Historical Tales: 5—German
John Finnemore,  Germany: Peeps at History

Episodic History

Alfred J. Church,  The Crusaders
Lawton B. Evans,  Old Time Tales
Marion Florence Lansing,  Patriots and Tyrants
M. B. Synge,  Brave Men and Brave Deeds
E. M. Wilmot-Buxton,  The Story of the Crusades
Lena Dalkeith,  Stories from French History
Marion Florence Lansing,  Barbarian and Noble

Military History

Eva March Tappan,  The Little Book of the War
Roland G. Usher,  The Story of the Great War


H. E. Marshall,  Stories of William Tell Told to the Children

Adapted Literature

C. E. Smith,  Stories from Wagner Told to the Children
Mary Macgregor,  Stories from Dante