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The Best Online Classic Children's Books


71 Books in All Genres


Collective Biography

Mrs. Frewen Lord,  Tales from Canterbury Cathedral
Mrs. Frewen Lord,  Tales from St. Paul's Cathedral
M. B. Synge,  Great Englishmen
M. B. Synge,  Great Englishwomen

Individual Biography

Jacob Abbott,  Alfred the Great
Jacob Abbott,  Charles I
Jacob Abbott,  Charles II
Jacob Abbott,  Margaret of Anjou
Jacob Abbott,  Queen Elizabeth
Jacob Abbott,  Richard I
Jacob Abbott,  Richard II
Jacob Abbott,  Richard III
Jacob Abbott,  William the Conqueror
Mrs. Oliver Elton,  The Story of Sir Francis Drake
John Lang,  The Story of Captain Cook
H. E. Marshall,  Through Great Britain and Ireland With Cromwell
Edmund F. Sellar,  The Story of Nelson
M. B. Synge,  Life of Gladstone
John Lang,  The Story of Lord Clive
Edmund F. Sellar,  The Story of Lord Roberts
Jacob Abbott,  Mary Queen of Scots
Jeanie Lang,  The Story of Robert Bruce

Fairy Tales

Joseph Jacobs,  Celtic Fairy Tales
Seumas MacManus,  Donegal Fairy Stories
Seumas MacManus,  In Chimney Corners
Joseph Jacobs,  English Fairy Tales
Flora Annie Steel,  English Fairy Tales
Mary Macgregor,  Stories from the Ballads Told to the Children

Faith Stories

Mary Macgregor,  Stories from Pilgrim's Progress


Robert Louis Stevenson,  Treasure Island
Robert M. Ballantyne,  The Coral Island
Frances Hodgson Burnett,  A Little Princess

Historical Fiction

Alfred J. Church,  The Chantry Priest of Barnet
Alfred J. Church,  With the King at Oxford

Realistic Fiction

Lucy Fitch Perkins,  The Scotch Twins

Comprehensive History

H. E. Marshall,  Our Empire Story
Beatrice Home,  Canada: Peeps at History
M. B. Synge,  The Reign of Queen Victoria
Alfred J. Church,  Stories from English History: I
Alfred J. Church,  Stories From English History: II
Alfred J. Church,  Stories From English History: III
C. J. B. Gaskoin,  The Hanoverians
Samuel B. Harding,  The Story of England
H. E. Marshall,  Our Island Story
M. B. Synge,  The Tudors and Stuarts
Beatrice Home,  Ireland: Peeps at History
H. E. Marshall,  Scotland's Story

Military History

Donald A. Mackenzie,  Heroes and Heroic Deeds of the Great War
John Masefield,  Gallipoli
Eric Wood,  Thrilling Deeds of British Airmen
G. A. Leask,  Heroes of the Great War
Edward Gilliat,  Heroes of the Indian Mutiny


Padraic Colum,  The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said
Eleanor Hull,  The Boys' Cuchulain
Louey Chisholm,  Celtic Tales Told to the Children
H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Beowulf Told to the Children
H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Guy of Warwick Told to the Children
H. E. Marshall,  Stories of Robin Hood Told to the Children
Maude Radford Warren,  King Arthur and His Knights
John Lang,  Stories of the Border Marches
Mary Macgregor,  Stories of King Arthur's Knights

Celtic Legends

Padraic Colum,  The King of Ireland's Son


H. E. Marshall,  English Literature for Boys and Girls

Adapted Literature

Charles and Mary Lamb,  Tales from Shakespeare
John Lang,  Gulliver's Travels
Edith Nesbit,  Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
Kate Dickenson Sweetser,  Ten Boys from Dickens
Eva March Tappan,  The Chaucer Story Book


Hilaire Belloc,  A Moral Alphabet
Hilaire Belloc,  Cautionary Tales for Children

Historical Science

Charles R. Gibson,  The Wonders of Scientific Discovery